For my Master's degree in Computing, I studied under Dr. Joan Peckham, Dept. Chair of Computer Science and Statistics dept at University of Rhode Island.

M.S Thesis Dissertation, "Kodai: A Software Architecture and Implementation for Segmentation" (2017)

My Thesis focuses on implementing a software architecture and segmentation in a supermarket-dataset. I wrote the web-application in Python that built trends from a clustered supermarket data-set.


Kodai --Software Architecture for Segmentation


Currently Exploring Neural Information Retrieval, Topic Modelling, Reinforcement Learning.


1) Transformers from Attention is all you need

1) YouTube Video Categorization Using Moviebarcode (2020)
Authors: [1] Recep Erol, [1] Rick Rejeleene, Richard Young, Thomas Marcoux, Muhammad Nihal Hussain, and Nitin Agarwal


An Essay on Caste System in Tamil Nadu (2015)

An Introductory Essay about Caste System in Tamil Nadu. Some of my key-questions, and thoughts were similar to Voltaire's thought:

    Initial reactions, when I thought about Caste System were:

a) Getting rid of the whole system and starting it over-again

A Social Insitution or tradition has been passed down throughout generations. During the French Revolution, institutions such as church, aristrocracy were questioned and discarded. Perhaps, the Caste-System could be thrown away?

I thought so, but I bumped into Edmund Burke who argues that one cannot throw away social instituations into thin-air. Change is slow and we must preserve social habits that has worked for generations. I wrote this During Computer Science Graduate school. I have not met a Computer Scientist who can leap into different disciplines. This Essay was formed after a dinner with a Ph.D Student. I am currently reviewing Edgar Thurston's works to gain more understanding. I am due to re-write this in December, 2022.

In Progress: An Essay on Western and Eastern mode of Communication by Rick Rejeleene and Carla White (2020)

Currently, I am writing and gathering thoughts from authors such as Jordan Peterson, Charles Taylor, Richard Nisbett, Jackson Wu, and various books on cross-cultural communication. This Essay might give answers to core of race-issue, which I argue is value/belief of a group. Our actions come as a result of our values.

Speculative Problems:

I follow the tradition of Natural Philosophers before 1900's. They took interest in nature for the sake of understanding nature. As I follow their path, I find curiousity and interest in solving real-world problems. For now, It is extremely broad as I have not narrowed my focus.

Natural Philosophy is concerned with study about nature. From School of Salamanca , "So knowledge was not parceled out..........the conviction that small truth is related to large truth has been eviscerated." I believe one can connect this to any discipline.

Human knowledge is all-interconnected. Leonardo Da-Vinci, Benjamin Franklin and many others followed this. I'm going to write about interesting problems, solve and upload my solutions here!

On Water and troubles in Tamil Nadu:

I grew up in Tamil-Nadu, India. Water is an important resource and a basic necessity. Unfortunately, It's not accessible to everyone. A Software Engineer or Federal Employee wakes up with no water in their apartment or housing. Imagine, this deep trouble. In Tamil Nadu, rainfall is scarce, especially in Southern Tamil Nadu. Agriculture becomes unsustainable. Many Farmers do not have methods to predict rainfall or find new sources of water. The Current methods which they use are not constantly thought to be improved. Finding water is the first-step in meeting the biggest need for Tamil Nadu. It's the heart of their life. One of the popular-methods to find water is, "dowsing" method. People make assumption about a location using a rod or stick. The farmer spends atleast $10,000 to find water. He has high-risk of losing his money. It's either boom or bust.

Link to my thoughts

Goal: A low-cost effective way to find water-underground using computational and other Engineering methods.

Currently Working on it: Expected December 2025

Contact: Rick

Contact: Rick