I’m Rick and this is my website. I describe myself belonging and thinking through Western Reformed Tradition, of Tamil Descent. My Ancestors are from Nadar caste in Tamil Nadu, India.

I graduated with a M.S in Computer Science, writing my thesis titled, "Kodai: A Software Architecture and Implementation for Segmentation", under Dr. Joan Peckham from the University of Rhode Island.

I've breathed in Rhode Island, Florida, Ohio, Virginia, D.C., Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, India.
I've been adventurous and blessed abundantly with travel experiences.

My Mom describes me as being thorough in my thoughts.

My friends describe me as friendly, caring, faithful, committed, visionary and good listener. I'm trilingual. I speak English, Tamil and Hindi. In my spare time -- I delight in reading, writing, meeting new people and taking walks.

Working with International students from China, Sri Lanka, Middle East, Thailand, Japan, Brazil, UK, and fellow Americans has expanded my view of the world. My curiousity drives me to thirst for better understanding of the world around me. I especially enjoy cultures and explaining cross-cultural differences. If you had met me, you would find me gravitating towards discussing complex-ideas, inter-disciplinary topics related to History, Engineering, Philosophy, Business, Real estate, Cultures, Theology, Computer Science.

Contact: Rick

Last updated: September, 2018