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    How to Read Buildings: A Crash Course in Architectural Styles
    really liked it
    I got this book, to understand structures, buildings. The book is laid out from Building types and goes into details of towers, chimneys, and ornaments. Roman architecture, palladian stood out the most to me. A lot of new definitions, te...
    tagged: architecture
    Engineering: A Very Short Introduction
    it was ok
    I picked up this book to get myself more into Engineering. I was surprised to find, Civil Engineering as the mother of all engineering. I already know the meat of Chapter 2, 3, 4 on Age of Gravity, Heat, Electromagnetism from other readi...
    tagged: engineering and history
    Al-Ghazzali on Disciplining the Self
    liked it
    Al-Ghazali is famously known as, "Proof of Islam." In Discipling of Self, Al-Ghazali starts with his belief in Islam, "There is no God but God [Allah]." The Three Fundamentals of his thought in this book are Knowledge, States, and Action...
    tagged: philosophy and islam
    The Two Empires in Japan
    liked it
    I took this book after a recommendation by a friend. As I'm aware of Honor/Shame framework through which most of the Asian countries operate, I could see a lot of my questions solved from that perspective. The Japanese Christians are str...
    tagged: history and christian
    The Closing of the Muslim Mind: How Intellectual Suicide Created the Modern Islamist
    really liked it
    An excellent book, it might be difficult for someone within this faith to take and read this book. The author talks about the roots of problems/issues in the Islamic world. Basically, differences in theology, convictions and not having r...
    tagged: history
    liked it
    Rupa Viswanath examines Pariah Problem in India, However -- the title is misleading. It ought to be, Pariah Problem in Tamil Society from 1880's -- Modern times. It seemed to be a big jump talking about India as a whole, there are vast s...
    The Argumentative Indian: Writings on Indian History, Culture and Identity
    did not like it
    I'm afraid, all essays were botched and he had put pieces together.
    tagged: cultures

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