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I aspire to create new knowledge and contribute to disciplines that I am interested personally in Natural Science.


An Essay on Caste System in Tamil Nadu (2015)

An Introductory Essay about Caste System in Tamil Nadu. Some of my key-questions, and thoughts were similar to Voltaire's thought:

    Initial reactions, when I thought about Caste System were:

a) Getting rid of the whole system and starting it over-again

A Social Insitution or tradition has been passed down throughout generations. During the French Revolution, institutions such as church, aristrocracy were questioned and discarded. Perhaps, the Caste-System could be thrown away?

I thought so, but I bumped into Edmund Burke who argues that one cannot throw away social instituations into thin-air. Change is slow and we must preserve social habits that has worked for generations. I wrote this During Computer Science Graduate school. I have not met a Computer Scientist who can leap into different disciplines. This Essay was formed after a dinner with a Ph.D Student. I am currently reviewing Edgar Thurston's works to gain more understanding. I am due to re-write this in December, 2024.

In Progress: An Essay on Western and Eastern mode of Communication by Rick Rejeleene and Carla White (2018)

Currently, I am writing and gathering thoughts from authors such as Jordan Peterson, Charles Taylor, Richard Nisbett, Jackson Wu, and various books on cross-cultural communication. This Essay might give answers to core of race-issue, which I argue is value/belief of a group. Our actions come as a result of our values.

Computer Science

M.S Thesis Dissertation, "Kodai: A Software Architecture and Implementation for Segmentation" (2017)

My Thesis focuses on implementing a software architecture and segmentation in a supermarket-dataset. I wrote the web-application in Python that built trends from a clustered supermarket data-set.

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