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How do we define Intelligence?

One could define -- Artificial Intelligence as the study of intelligence.

Intelligence can be defined in numerous ways.

One of the way, we could define, Intelligence is as follows:

Intelligence is the ability of a program to carry out problem solving tasks. Tasks, which human beings do every day.

Currently -- In the world, we see intelligence being engineered through computing systems.


A Work, that is introductory for anyone to understand.

In Current World -- the Field of A.I is moving fast.

Researchers are pouring volumes of research, solving problems.

Researchers come from all backgrounds in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Surprisingly, the field is interdisciplinary -- Psychology, Philosophy, Computer Science, Mathematics.

Business World

SaaS Products -- I could see many parts of this field, actualized into wonderful products.

These products are solving real-world problems like computer vision tasks, natural language processing tasks.

The Biggest Goal in the field of A.I is to solve, General Intelligence.

I would recommend this to anyone, who wants to know about A.I.