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0 Setup

1 Probability

2 More Probability

3 Statistic

4 Linear Algebra

5 Differential Calculus

6 Matrix Calculus Data Flow in Neural Network

7 Data Flow in Neural Network

8 Backpropagation

9 Gradient Descent

1. Why do I need this work?

To lay groundwork for understanding the mathematical groundwork for Deep Learning.

Mostly all are creative ways to describe problems and representation.

2. Why should I care about Math?

Well -- you could speak another language, by investing yourself to speaking a new language, Mathematics.

One would establish formal jargon to speak Deep Learning.

Would you want to represent problems in n-dimensions?

Would you want to solve problems in high-dimensional space?

3. How much time would this take?

A week.

Reach out to me for notes, summary.

"The World is non-linear"